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Will Contests


If you find the need to challenge a will or trust document on the grounds that the person who created the estate plan had a mental impairment or was coerced by someone else to take an action not consistent with earlier expressed intentions, you need to take prompt action to assert a challenge. Examples may be where the executor or beneficiary or other family member may have exerted undue influence.

You may know that a family member or friend did not act voluntarily when creating the will or trust as evidenced by the division of the property. It may be clear to you that your loved one was not of sound mind when creating the estate plan or was unduly influenced by a beneficiary of the will or trust. Proving undue influence or diminished capacity can be a challenge. You may need to obtain medical records and other documents to make your case. That's why it's so important to retain a law firm experienced in litigation surrounding estates. We know how to gather and review evidence necessary to successfully contest a will or trust.


  • Contested Will
  • Contested Estate Distributions
  • Improper or Forged Documents
  • Improperly Executed Documents
  • Gifting of property by one holding a power of attorney without the authority to make gifts

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