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Real Estate and Land Use

When handling real estate and land use matters our attorneys’ depth of knowledge and experience will be a valuable asset to you or your business. It will allow you to confidentially rely on us while we maneuver your case or matter through this complex area of the law. To succeed it is important to have competent and experienced representation. Here at The Duncan Law Firm, LLP, our attorneys have substantial knowledge and experience in real estate transactions, land development, land acquisition, advising lenders, title insurance, land surveys and appraisals. We represent property owners and private companies in condemnation in cases involving the use of eminent domain for various projects, including utility corridors, roads and highways, oil and gas pipelines, and electric transmission lines. We also advise buyers, sellers, brokers, landowners, pipeline companies, public utilities, and local governments. Our attorneys can help you through the regulatory process or take your matter to trial when parties cannot agree on just compensation.

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