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Personal Injury

At The Duncan Law Firm, LLP, we recognize that not all claims for injuries and/or death from automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, car/pedestrian accidents, slip and fall cases, dog bites or other injuries that occur on someone else’s property are handled by insurance companies with the injured party’s best interests in mind. Insurance companies will attempt to pay the least amount of damages for any claim and will attempt to convince an injured party that their claim is worth very little. When we review a personal injury to determine if injuries should be compensated for and what fair compensation should be, we carefully evaluate the injury, the circumstances of the injury, the insurance coverage that is available including any under-insured or un-insured motorist coverage for the injured party and the current and lasting effects the injuries have upon the everyday life of the injured party. Our personal injury attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who are ready, willing and able to provide you with the best advice, trial experience and personal service to have the insurance company(s) held accountable to compensate the injured party as a result of premiums paid to their company. Our goal is to make your claim as easy as possible for you to assert.

We will give you advice on what policy limits your own insurance should have based upon your financial condition and upon your lifestyle. Many people are underinsured and have insurance agents who don’t fully explain the coverage they are purchasing and what is actually covered. Your own insurance coverage is as important as coverage by the party who caused your injury.

Recent representative settlements include:

B.W. $250,000 settlement for one-car accident in which she was the passenger;

S.C. $200,000 policy limit settlement for wrongful death, property coverage and personal injury in head-on collision;

O.K. $300,000 settlement for traumatic amputation of thumb

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