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Insurance Law

When people think of insurance coverage, the generally think of home and auto coverage and what their deductible is or should be. They look at the policy limits and what the premium is without considering what their coverage actually is. At The Duncan Law Firm, LLP, if you believe you may have claim that doesn’t include a personal injury, we will evaluate the circumstances of your potential claim. Claims can include property damage due to flooding, due to infringement upon your property by a neighbor, claims for damage by contractors or others who cause physical damage to your property and general commercial liability. In addition to reviewing claims you may feel you have, our attorneys can advise you on whether or not a claim against you is proper and how to handle it with your insurance company. Our firm has handled “bad faith” claims wherein an insurance company mishandles a claim or wrongly refuses to provide coverage and/or legal representation when a claim is made.

We will fight to hold your insurance company or the other party’s insurance company responsible to pay for coverage purchased. Call us. Let us review your insurance needs.

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